Donations to the Golden Portal Institute

The Golden Portal Institute is a non profit charitable organization (designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the IRS). Contributions are fully tax deductible.

Donations help support our services for remote healings and inner healing work and the teaching of the tools of inner healing. If you have an interest in making a donation to support our work to bring healing to peoples' lives and to bring the tools of inner healing through our classes and trainings call Greg McHugh at 303 995 4276 or email him at Golden Portal Institute or you can write to President, Golden Portal Institute, PO Box 100067, Denver, CO  80250 USA

All contacts regarding donations will be held in confidence unless otherwise requested.

Confidential donations may also be made through Pay Pal by clicking on this button below. Donors may specify the intended purpose of their donation by writing in the commentary section in the Pay Pal process.


For tax purposes, donors will receive a letter of confirmation of the total donated amount and the end of the calendar year.